Michele is a working author and freelance writer living in the Detroit area.  Her books can be found on  Her web content writing is available upon request.  She has won the Joy Humanist Award for poetry in 2005 and was nominated for a Parsec Award in 2009 and 2014.

Her works of fiction are known for their strong female lead characters and her settings in Michigan.



Michele performs classical, Celtic, jazz, pop and holiday music.  For information on booking her for an event, please go to the contact page. 

Michele also works in music therapy, playing harp for Hospice patients and new born, premature babies.  She also works with stroke recovery and pain management patients.  Contact Michele for music therapy options.




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Author Michele Roger stopped by the store for a booksigning and to play her harp.  This woman is the whole package, I tell you.  Her new book, The Conservatory, has just been released and is In Stock, ready to come home with you for just $10.99


What's it about?  After lying dormant for years, the Hillford Conservatory curse has risen from its blood-soaked foundations. A student's corpse is found in the river with its arms cut off. A nurse at the local hospital is found dismembered while the walls of the hospital bleed. Students at the Conservatory have night terrors of being attacked by tiny blue creatures with scalpels and drills. Some students say they see and hear the voice of a recently deceased student as the ghost haunts the school. While the administration tries to save the reputation of the elite music conservatory, the gruesome secrets of Hillford begin creeping out. But when a second student goes missing, it's up to Dr. Martin Lewis and music teacher Melody Steinwick to piece together the past in order to unravel the secrets of the present. With death roaming the halls of Hillford, no one is safe.


This is Michele's second book.  Her first, Dark Matter, is the story of Louella, a plain Jane from the suburbs gets into a freak accident transforming into one of the walking undead. Michael, the archangel, offers her a chance to win her life and family back. Louella learns that even in the afterlife, nothing is free. She must pit her meager supernatural abilities against the mounting forces of darkness. Confronting problematic demons and monsters from the other worlds and beyond, who aggressively continue to tip the scales in the war of good and evil in the favor of the Dark One. With the help of Steven the altruistic vampire and De'Vok, a dead librarian from the ancient Alexandria, Louella walks the world the world between the living and the dead. In her quest to regain her life, she learns that even the forces of good have their onw agendas and cannot always be trusted. This book is macabre stew of horror, sci fi and romance.  And it's also in stock for $18.73


Michele is a harpist and musician working and performing in Detroit for the past 15 years. She has played the Detroit Ren Center, tea rooms, 5 star restaurants as well as Belle Isle and Shanty Creek. She has released several albums and been featured in Classic Hype magazine as an artist who crosses over genre lines. When she is not playing a concert, she is composing for film, or teaching in her studio.


Her two cds are available for sale at the store, and they will relax you like nobody's business.