Coming this summer 2018: The Harpist

The dead seek it out.  For centuries, the spirits of those who were ripped from this earth too soon see it as a beacon of light; their only line to the world of the living.  Originally made by grief stricken luthier centuries ago, Elizabeth thinks she’s saved an antique harp from being burned to ashes.  But strange things are happening since she saved the majestic instrument.  The harp calls to her at night, haunts her in her sleep and compels her to play until she drops.  With each beautiful note, she unknowingly accepts the curse that has spanned for hundreds of years.  The dead can hear her beautiful music and they are coming for her.  They need to tell her of their tortured demise. The dead demand justice. Every unsolved murder victim in Detroit is headed for Elizabeth’s harp.  Fortunately, the dead aren’t the only ones to notice her.  Detective Mike Flannery is working on a case that has brought him to Elizabeth’s doorstep. He might be trying to save his friend from going to jail, but he just might be Elizabeth’s only hope.