Paranormal Romance Meets Mystery Thriller.

Coming in June 2018!  Author, Michele Roger introduces us to the unlikely crime solving duo of Harpist Elizabeth O'Toole and Detective Mike Flannery.  Elizabeth is haunted by an antique harp with a strange power to summon the dead.  Mike has a murder case he can't solve.  When their two paths cross, it's a race against time where the world of the living meets the world of the dead.  

This is book one of the Harpist Series.



Accolades for Michele Roger's other works:


Eternal Kingdom by Michele Roger isn't just a book; it's a FILM!

...or a TV series that's screaming to be produced.  Michele Roger grabs your shirt collar and tosses you into the story.  If a human/vampire world were to happen, this is exactly how it would  play out.  

-Mac Kelly, Movie Horror Host

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