Buying Local Means Big Impact

Michele Roger is both a harpist and an author.  Like many artists in the Detroit area, buying her CDs and books or hiring her for a live performance means a lot.  Unlike buying an ebook or digital music download, local purchases put fifty percent or more revenue back in the pocket of the artist.  The average return on an ebook or digital download is closer to ten percent.

That greater return for her work generally is put back into her local community.  Since she too values buying local and supporting small businesses, and hence, her higher return boosts the local economy in ways that make a greater impact.

A Michigan winter is nothing to take lightly.  It's cold. The roads are often anxiety inducing.  The temptation to stay at home, pajama clad and shopping from one's computer with a mug of steaming coffee is great.  With free shipping, the odds of major holiday purchases being made online is more likely than ever. 

Remember the local artist and what they have to offer.  Be it original painting, furniture, CD, book and handmade item, their wares are often unlike anything you can get from a big chain.  The pay off in smiles and appreciation as you watch loved ones open gifts will yield dividends both personally as well as for the local economy.