Wedding Music Should Be Personal

It's two weeks before a wedding and my phone rings.  A frantic bride or wedding planner calls.  They have forgotten all about the music for the ceremony.  This is so common, I often feel less like a harpist and more like a crisis counselor.

If you are reading this and you are either a bride, a wedding planner, or (even better) a sister, a bridesmaid or a mother of the bride please take my advice.  With the exception of three songs, it is my experience that taking a few moments to personalize the ceremony music will make the day just that much more special.  Oh, what are the three songs you ask?  I will get to that.  But first my advice.

If having classical music played by a cellist or harpist or violinist is your idea of a dream come true, then go for it!  Note though that it is very likely that if you ask any of those musicians to throw in a pop tune that is really sentimental, they will happily do it.  Patsy Cline, Edith Pilaf and Sting all sound lovely as classical instrumental arrangements and will also mean something to you.  If your flower girl sings "I'm a Little Tea Pot" every day and she will know it as her cue, by all means, have a children's song for her played during the ceremony.

Whatever your selections, just dont call in a panic and say, "I dont care what it is, just play something beautiful!"  Everything is beautiful on the harp....except these real life requests (no I'm not joking)..."The Final Countdown", "Paint it Black" and "She Shook Me All Night Long."  Even I won't play those for you.