Meant To Be Kissed: A Second Story

From the talented writers of Meant to Be Press, comes the new, holiday romance anthology, “Meant To Be Kissed.”

Love sweet romance? Meant to Be – KISSED is a collection of short stories for you to get a sampling of Meant to Be Press romance authors.

Excerpt from “Lady Montague’s Winter Kiss” by Emmy Z. Madrigal


“I wouldn’t think you the dancing sort,” she said, once they had joined the set.

“On the contrary, I am always willing to dance. I believe I won my wife because…” The word wife stuck in his throat and he swallowed hard. They danced a few steps away from each other and he could not look in her eyes when they met again.

“I’m sorry I caused you pain,” she said.

“Oh no.” He gripped her gloved hand above her head and one at her waist and they spun slowly, looking into one another’s eyes. “You’ve done nothing of the sort.”

They split and went round the outside before meeting again and grasping hands for the next set.

“I…” She paused, letting out a sigh. “I would never wish to.”

He smiled. “I believe that. After all, we’ve saved each other. What more could one do for another?”

“What indeed.” Her right eyebrow arched as she smiled a mischievous smile.

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