Harp Haven is the Heart of Clawson, Michigan and now the World!!

The Michigan Harp Center was started 35 years ago as a place for harp enthusiasts and professionals alike to have access to affordable harps and harp accessories.  'Back then,' recalls owner KellyYousoufian, 'everything was hard to get for a harp.  I saw a real need for affordable harps.  More and more people wanted to play and there was an increased demand for better folk harps.'

Now, the Michigan Harp Center sells single strung, double strung and cross strung harps as well as classical pedal harps.  She offers in person as well as Skype appointments to review her stock. With Skype appointments, Kelly can place orders, give advice about harp care and help with string replacement.  The attention to harp students and harp customers has gone global thanks to the new technology.

Her devotion to the harp and its patrons began when she attended Interlochen High School Arts Academy.  She was offered a scholarship for harp at the Salzedo Harp Colony after she graduated from high school.  She took time to study at the colony is Camden, Maine.  She recalls that time with fondness, 'I walked two miles to lessons, each way.  Salzedo wanted the residents and natives to see the harpists walk through town.  I practiced six hours a day.  When I returned home, I studied folk harp after studying the classical harp.'  

With such a versatile background, Kelly and her Harp Center add a personal touch to the harp purchasing process.  She often sends replacement strings for free to cover the cost of any strings that might break during transport.  She is available to answer questions via phone, email or Skype.  She has experience in globally transporting harps at affordable prices with some of her harps shipping as far away as Japan.  

The Michigan Harp Center also hosts one of the most expansive harp sheet music collections. Kelly has recently started Michigan Harp Center Publishing and has been buying the publication rights to rare music.  She is making elusive and beloved harp music arrangements available to harpists everywhere.  Check her website often as titles are added regularly.

Be it a pedal harp, folk harp, rare sheet music or harp supplies, Kelly and the Michigan Harp Center can be reached at:

89 West 14 Mile Rd., Clawson, Michigan 48017, phone: 248-288-4277

or globally at

website: www.michiganharpcenter.com,   email: michiganharpcenter@gmail.com