How to Smash the Internet...and #SMA in 2 Easy Steps

Remember what you were doing at this time last year?  Along with raking the leaves and debating over which pumpkin spice variation of coffee to order, there is a very solid chance that you were also participating in or filming an ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS.  ALS in its simplest form, is the deterioration of muscles throughout the human body.  

SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy is the pediatric version, effecting children just as they are starting off in life. It is the leading genetic cause of death in children.  Presently, there is no cure.  Now comes the part where, together, we can all do something to change that.    

The good news is that there is something simple and easy that you can do to get a very, very effective treatment for SMA in the hands of the kids who need it so desperately.  The World Health Organization has said that SMA is closest of all the neurological diseases, to be cured.  Are you ready to help?  

Step 1: On October 10th (this Saturday) at 10:10 am, (10-10-10-10) pick up your cell phone and type in the #SmashSMA and #SMAshTheInternet on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media feed.

Step 2: Hit send/post.  It is the hope of the Scarlet's Smile Foundation that this simple, instant act, if done by enough people, will raise awareness of the disease and get the conversation rolling...and perhaps, #SMAsh the internet in the process!  Only awareness and funding will get the clinical trials pushed through the final hoops and the new effective treatment to the children suffering from SMA.  Want to help more?  Visit  

Oh yeah!  There's one more thing.  You can take a video as you #SMAsh something of your own.  Share the video with the #SMA in your post on Facebook.  Send it to the folks at  If enough folks #SMAsh the internet, maybe the year 2015 is the year we cross SMA off the list of fatal, childhood diseases.